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T.O.P — Tazza 2
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Track: 눈 코 입, Eyes, Nose, Lips Jinyoung Cover
Artist: GOT7 Jr.
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Nouvelle Vague | DO NOT EDIT.
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i feel so blessed tbh
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놀 시간에 곡 하나 더 만들어야지 남들이 좋다는거 말고 내꺼. 외모따위 신경 쓸 시간에 쓰는 16마디가 내겐 더 진짜 금 다들 신경쓰지말고 음악 좀 들읍시다. 제발. 힙합.

Rather than spending my time having fun, I should write another song. Not what everyone else likes, but mine. The 16 words/bars that are written in replacement of the time spent on taking care of the outer appearance is much more precious to me like a gold. Let’s listen to music instead of paying too much attention to the appearance. Please. Hip-Hop.

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